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here you can relax.

here you can relax.

here you can renew.

here you can renew.

here you can refresh.

here you can refresh.

find peace.

find peace.

make yourself new.

make yourself new.

a menu of services

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traditional airbrush spray tanning


spray tanning sessions are done in a private room after a brief consultation. each spray tan is customized with an exact shade that will perfectly enhance your natural skin tone.


the tan will develop fully within 6-8 hours, and a single application will last 7-10 days.


each spray includes anti-aging serums and setting powder to ensure no streaking occurs.

$40 per session

rapid tan

just as with our traditional airbrush spray tanning, sessions are done in a private room after a brief consultation.


rapid tan develops fully over the course of 6 hours, however, it can be washed off as soon as 30 minutes after the application, making it perfect for anyone who has appointments to run and can't afford spending the 6-8 hours that a traditional spray tan requires to develop fully.

$55 per session

tanning packages


6 traditional airbrush spray tan sessions $220

6 rapid tan sessions $310

waxing services

brows                       $20

shaping                    $25

lip                             $15

chin                          $15

nostrils                      $20

ears                          $15

sideburns                 $15

back of neck            $15

full face                     $50

under arms               $35




all massages are priced as follows.  

we offer clinical, pre- and post-natal, and sports massage.  

see descriptions below.


30-minute session                     $45

60-minute session                     $80

90-minute session                       $110

120-minute session                     $140

kinesio taping, fire cupping, and/or gu sha can be added to any massage.


clinical massage

for pain and injury management and general health and wellness

our clinical massage incorporates deep tissue techniques delivered alongside smooth connecting strokes aimed at relieving tension and pain.  the client works with the practioner to identify problem areas and ensure that comfortable pressure is applied.

pre- and post-natal massage

for mothers and soon-to-be mothers

pregnancy and childbirth, though amazing and important events, can take a toll on a woman's body, mind, and well-being.  our pre- and post-natal massage services can help to alleviate some of the pain and negative sensations that sometimes accompany bringing a child into the world.

sports massage 

for lifters, cross fitters, and other athletes

sports massage helps an individual improve their overall fitness and performance by promoting faster recovery and reducing pain.  it is also used to heal injuries incurred through sports and exercise.

skin services

enhanced custom facial

75-90 minutes


this customized treatment is designed around client concerns and current skin presentation.  it includes is a double cleanse, gentle extractions, and a face-sculpting massage.  a rezenerate wand is used throughout to ensure product penetration.  the treatment ends with a final rebalancing mask.


exfoliation methods such as chemical peels, enzymes, and derma planing are determined through skin analysis and according to client needs.


recommended every 4-6 weeks.



peel package

weekly 30-45 minute peel treatments


each weekly session includes a cleanse, a peel, and sun care.  this service is customized to address sun damage, signs of advanced age, tired skin, scar tissue, uneven skin, and/or dark spots.


includes one free take-home moisturizer

brows and lashes

lash tinting                       $30

brow tinting                      $30

henna brows                    $35

lash lift

a custom service that semi-permanently curls the lashes, giving the eye a more open and bright effect.  this technique is gentle on the natural lash and does not include the use of lash curlers.


results last 6-8 weeks

brow glaze

a brow glaze, also known as brow lamination, creates the illusion of fluffy and full brows by semi-permanently controlling the way they lay on the face.  it offers control of the direction the brows lay giving them a fuller, more symmetrical appearance.


results last 6-8 weeks

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