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"Timothy is a great LMT.  He is both personable and professional.  I have been working with him for the past year on improving my back pain and posture.  Since working with him I’ve seen vast improvement in both areas.  My favorite aspect of working with him is the safe and relaxing environment he creates.  His holistic body positive approach to treatment embraces the notion of healing as a multifaceted endeavor.  His knowledge and experience are clearly demonstrated in the treatments and treatment goals provide during each session.  Timothy is a clear example of professionalism at its finest."

Mark Anthony Capetillo



"I have had the pleasure of seeing Timothy now for just over a year. I started seeing him to address the costochondritis that I have suffered through for several years. The treatments I have received with him greatly helped relieve the pain of costochrondritis, and I far preferred a massage to the large amounts of ibuprofen I had been consuming to deal with the pain (the only recommendation for treatment from my doctor).


Timothy has also worked with me through my first pregnancy, a time when I could not take any ibuprofen to address inflammation in my joints and the general aches and pains of my body accommodating another human being. Timothy is very knowledgeable and professional and knew how to make the massage comfortable for me even on days when being in my own skin felt uncomfortable. I honestly can’t imagine how I would have made it through those months without him. He always had the best suggestions for stretches and exercises I could do at home in between sessions to help the treatments he had done last longer.


Timothy is also a TMJ specialist.  While having my jaw worked on is not my favorite part of my treatment, the results from receiving those treatments are undeniable. I would highly recommend Timothy to anyone, especially those who are tired of dealing with pain and consuming lots of pain medications to treat the symptoms but not addressing any of the underlying muscular issues that may be causing that pain."

Erin Lopez

"As a social worker, the idea of getting a massage has always been problematic for me.  It's felt like indulgence.  But after working with Timothy, I've come to realize that massage is just another way to manage your health, and it's so much more intuitive than pills.  Massage has helped me to center and help myself so that I can be more present for others.  Thanks, Timothy!"

Kasey P. Lindsay

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